Awkward girl at first date 😳?

First date is always weird or awkward right? But if you're shy and not really talkative it's harder.. Do you have any tips? So if we don't kiss then it's okay?
* In sorry for my English but it's not my native language


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  • Think about it this way: the first date is to find out more information about the person. After getting more information you can decide to keep dating or not.

    As for the kiss, it's safe to say that the guy will try towards the end of the date. If you don't want the kiss, just say no you do not want to kiss.

  • Honestly, it's super awkward. I've had a bunch of weird first dates, but here's the thing.

    It's the first date. You most if your time asking questions. I think that alone helps ease things.

  • Of course not
    It depends on what actutude you have


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