I need advice please?

So if you think a boy likes you, but you don’t feel that way towards him and you two are really close , say he just asked you out, how would i say no without loosing friendship?


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  • You can't, you let him fall for you and he's gonna be hurt. Hopefully he'll get over it.

    • I know that it’ll hurt him, but it’s just that we’re so close and you know it’ll be weird loosing them.

    • Itll be down to him how he reacts, everyone is different. It happened to me once and I stopped being friends with them because I didn't want the feelings to continue when I knew she didn't feel the same

    • Okay that’s fair enough, i mean he is that type of person that’s understanding but I don't know i’ll have to see what happens🤔

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  • You say to him " you are like a grandpa to me "

    • That would just make it weird and akward😂😂

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    • Omg sorry. Well nobody will get out well from this situation.
      Look at this point please be very clear and direct with him. Because he don't wanna hear you.
      At the end if he is really your friend he will be steel there for you.

    • Yeah i guess so, well thankyou anyway, this was really good advice🙂

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  • For me it's impossible to save the friendship after that.

  • Isn't it an impossible? Maybe not truly loosing him but he will definitely put a distance..


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