Does it seem like he loves me?

I've been seeing this guy for 8 months. We have been on and off but at the moment we are going good. Sometimes I question whether he really means it when he says he loves me.

A few nights ago he was drunk and said you don't even realise how much I love you. I thought maybe he was just drunk and saying things he doesn't mean. Then 2 days we were sleeping he woke up, seemed to be half asleep cuddled me and said I love you so much. He also tells me he loves me during sex (😂) He is always the one to say he loves me first randomly and he is doing it a lot lately.

Does it sound like he really does? This is probably a stupid question!


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  • OMG! ... He had fallen in love with you?
    Now be a good girl and be honest with him. Tell him you don't feel the same way.. that hen hecdats it, you don't feel comfortable and you'd prefer he doesn't say it anymore. Doing that is a reflection of your character - not his.

    • I do feel the same way I'm just making sure that he means it. That's why I asked this question

    • I'm speaking from experience.. and how I feel.. if he's not in love with you.. he won't touch you like that.

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  • I think he's just playing with you, I never met a guy that would say he loves me when we're only friends

    • We're not friends. We're in a relationship

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    • By seeing each other I meant relationship

    • I can't read your mind so you can't blame me that you didn't mention it

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What Guys Said 2

  • You really wanna test him? Start talking about marriage/settling down with him. Love will say yes whilst excuses will mean no

    • Haha well he always jokes about "if we have kids in the future"

    • Yeah thats if though

    • Well I'm only 21. I don't want kids or marriage yet so? 😂

  • Don't listen what he says. Watch him what he does. If he gives you some expensive gifts, spends his time and money on you then yeah it's serious...


What Girls Said 1

  • None of us know how he is, only you do.. do you feel like he really means it? From what you've said if he's doing it a lot lately, thats good haha like it wasn't like a once off things to say :)

    • When he says it I feel like he does. He seems genuine and sincere. I never ask him to say it he always does himself for no reason so it's cute!

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