Am I overreacting?: He read my text, but chose to reply hours later. He then texts me, I read it but ignore it. He texts me again, but I ignore him?

There's no such thing as being too busy, if you love someone you will reply. I just feel like i'm of a priority for him, he says he loves me and yet he still doesn't make me feel like it. Should I just take a step back and let him prove to me, he actually cares?
Yes, he's my boyfriend


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  • Not only do you want his attention, but you want it instantly and punish him if he doesn't oblige? Come on. He may have a headache, a family member or a friend may have a hard time. People can't put you at first priority absolute all the time. If you marry someone and demand his full attention at all times and punish your husband if he doesn't give it, your marriage is going to be total shit.


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  • First of all we guys won't be looking for friendship with girls unless we are already in a relationship. And u need to stop texting and do more face to face talk... U can figure out rest from there it's easy

  • Depends what your talking about, if he is at work, at home, how often you normally text a day


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