I messed up pretty bad... She is afraid of me?

So I like this girl who I didn't really know much about but knew a lot from insta stories and other sources... One day I asked her a couple of weird questions like if she was into running or so just cause she seemed very fit and I needed to get rid of an extra marathon ticket... But then as ud expect things got out of hand as she started slight ignoring me... I annomously sent her a text stating that we have a misunderstanding and I just wanted to be friends and what not... She found out it was me and immediately blocked me on Instagram. I felt a little hurt by that but she never tried interacting with me and now she is afraid of me... I can't live with that and I don't know how to approach her about this... It has been 3 months and I fell very weird.. pls could someone help me?


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  • back off, pal
    damage has been done and never undone in near future by YOU

    she has many other options and you failed her weed out filter, faster than most

    it's really too much trouble to mend this but the way would be to befriend someone she likes & trusts, or your best friend, friends her & eventually brags your case to change her mind... if he doesn't end up stealing her for himself

  • She's not afraid of you😂😂 She's just not interested. Move on, it's over.


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