I have trust issues which he knows about but he keeps being untrustworthy. What do I do?

So, I have trust issues. I have done for a while due to previous relationships. When my current partner and I first started dating there were no issues at all, completely trusted him which was key as we knew we would have to endure a long distance relationship for a while.
When I came back from working abroad, I found out he had been messaging a few other girls. Nothing too horrific but pretty damn flirty. I confronted him about it as it did upset me. When I came back from working abroad again, he had been messaging other girls with similar messages.
He also recently lied to me about going clubbing with his friends, he told me he went straight home after a boys rugby day when it turns out he went to a club after and point blank lied about it.

I just really dont know what to do as he keeps saying he will earn back my trust and every time I start to feel secure again, it gets broken.



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  • If there is no trust, there will always be issues. While the lie about going clubbing seems innocuous he would not have said that if he didn't feel he has something to hide. You may have affected that by questioning him but I don't expect the issue to resolve on it's own.

    • Thank you for your response!
      I think he lied about going to a club because he knew I didn't want him too as we had big plans for the next day and didn't want him to be hungover all day like he usually is, so I appreciate he lied to try and protect me. But a lie is a lie I suppose.

      Again, thanks for your response :)!

    • Trust issues are hard and as you can see, it is easy to let your insecurity set him up to do exactly what you are afraid of. If you can make it easy for him to be honest, that will put your mind at ease and take any insentive to deceive you.

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  • once a liar always a liar, accept it or dump him


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  • You should never be in a relationship with a person that is untrustworthy

  • Go separate ways


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