How to ask a girl out?

This might be a common question.
I'm really shy and it can get awkwardly silent during a conversation. How do i ask a girl out? I'm scared of getting rejected.
I get really nervous and start shaking when it comes to girls..

What is the best way to ask?


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  • Hard truth, grow a pair and ask her out. Learn to deal with being rejected because it's going to happen a lot. Not just with girls, it's a life rule. Once you get over the fear of rejection then you'll be able to ask anyone out. The WORST thing anyone can ever say to you is yes.

  • You just have to do it. So, usually you start with a common interest like let's say that the girl is into musicals and you get to talking about theatre. Then you bring up, "Hey there's a production of 'Rent' playing down at the Raclette Theatre. I think we should go this weekend." Boom, you have a date. You can't worry about rejection because you're a guy -- you're going to get rejected. This is your lot in life. Once you get over this, things will get way easier.

  • I too need advice... I am damn shy when it comes to girl... I even shy when I meet my sis after a long time! :v


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