How u feel when people involve in a relationship by saying 'I love u' but actually they're just looking for become 'friends with benefits'?

I know it's okay when they are mutually agreed on the form of the relation. But is it sad when one party feel ditched as they were signalled it was a 'love' relation, not just a friends with benefit one?
  • I feel they are the worst kind of people!
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  • Who cares! It's all fair to get laid anyway!
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  • People should learn to mean what they say! 'I love u' shouldn't be said when u don't mean it.
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  • Doesn't bother me. It's their life not mine. I'm not going to stress over something that I have no business in. But it's important both partners come to a mutual agreement and make sure nobody is just getting "strung along"

    • Exactly. The mutual agreement should be in place where none is played along

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