Does he not care about me at all?

Welllllll okay He can’t express his feelings but that doesn’t mean anything. I asked this guy if he liked me the same why he liked me during text.( HE KNOWS I WANT TO BE WITH HIM BECAUSE i told him and not going to disclose on here why I can’t, he also knows I care bout him and everything and want to get to know him because I told him!!!) we hook up by the way, anyways I asked if he liked me the way I liked him and he texted back yes. Trying to be more specific I asked him “ so you care about me?” He didn’t answer so I texted again saying “ you know u can say no 😒“ didn’t answer that and just ignored that completely and instead invited me to hang with him and his friend. He had no problem when we first starting talking saying he doesn’t want a relationship blah blah blah but now he only indirectly hints but never fully says it. And he knows how I like him but why can’t he say yes when I directly ask him. Why can’t he directly say yes or no?
He does he know what u meant by asking if he likes you how you like him he’s just playing dumb and playing safe
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Does he not care about me at all?
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