Does he not care about me at all?

Welllllll okay He can’t express his feelings but that doesn’t mean anything. I asked this guy if he liked me the same why he liked me during text.( HE KNOWS I WANT TO BE WITH HIM BECAUSE i told him and not going to disclose on here why I can’t, he also knows I care bout him and everything and want to get to know him because I told him!!!) we hook up by the way, anyways I asked if he liked me the way I liked him and he texted back yes. Trying to be more specific I asked him “ so you care about me?” He didn’t answer so I texted again saying “ you know u can say no 😒“ didn’t answer that and just ignored that completely and instead invited me to hang with him and his friend. He had no problem when we first starting talking saying he doesn’t want a relationship blah blah blah but now he only indirectly hints but never fully says it. And he knows how I like him but why can’t he say yes when I directly ask him. Why can’t he directly say yes or no?
  • He does he know what u meant by asking if he likes you how you like him he’s just playing dumb and playing safe
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  • Why do you always ask him in texts and not in person? Has the art of communication without a phone in your hands been lost on the younger generation?

    Whatever your reason is for not “being with him” may well be why he is the way he is.

    • I think it’s the reason why I cmt be with him

    • It makes me sad tho

    • I don’t think he’s using me I think he does like me but he won’t say it for the simple fact

Most Helpful Girl

  • He is using you for sex and that's all he sees you ask somebody he can have sex with and use for pleasure. He knows how you think about him and he's going to take advantage of it as long as you can continue to get sex from you. That's why he's avoiding you emotionally because he's trying not to get attached to you.

    • But he indirectly tells me he wants to be with me

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    • If you don't mind about being disrespected by men, this is why men won't respect you. He doesn't respect you sexually, doesn't respect your emotions or your feelings. Do you REALLY want to be with a person like that? SERIOUS THINK about this. Because this would turn into a relationship of hell because you won't and don't want to listen. Anybody with common sense will tell you the exact same thing. Stop having sex with him for a long time, and you will see his true nature. As long as you still do, you're going to be stuck. You sound like you could be smarter than what your displaying. You can do a lot better than settling for lesser than what you need. You don't need this. He can't become the man you expect and want him to be if you keep babying him and protecting him.

    • The past is going to repeat itself and this time you're going to be the victim.

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  • Wooooooooow!!! Girl, that's what middle schoolers do. I tell you what since you already know the answer to your own question since that first option on the poll is very descriptive. It's 2018, go find yourself a real man. 👌

    • Lmfaoo I just don’t want to be so sure u know but it like my gut is telling me he likes me he wants me and all this but I’m pretty sure I’m right he knows I like him care about him he’s being so annoying

    • Well, grab him by the balls and claim him.

What Girls Said 2

  • Kind of sounds similar to a situation I am in, although things are a little different. I would like to chat more with you about it if you’re down. I have to level up to get private messaging tho

    • What’s different in yours?

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    • I wonder if they really even like us or just manipulate us for sex and stuff

    • That’s what I worry about

  • He doesn't.


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