My parents do not approve?

So It is new years once again... exactly a year after I met this wonderfull guy (we met on New Years eve). And what a year it was, I have grown so close to this human I came to love so dearly. It is tragic actually because i feel more myself with him than than anyone ever before. Never had my soul felt so wild and ignited, yet so safe.
But my parents do not approve and do not want me seeing him. I have tried everything i could think of to give them a chance to get to know him. Weve been separate for more than a month now... feels like im dying inside by the way.
He got himself mixed up with bad things when he was younger and is connected with people he cannot dare escape. And because of this i am not allowed to see him anymore.

Just a little bit of advice from the older and wiser?
I must seem silly like a love struck teenager
1 y
update this goes out to all the young girls who thought they could handle rough guys... listen to your parents. believe me you'll have drama to deal with when dating a nice guy too.
My parents do not approve?
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