Should I go for it with him?

There's this guy I like, he's two years older than me. We broke the touch barrier on the day we met, and we get along great. He's been asking me to hang out, like watch a movie at his house sometime. I feel like he might like me too. Should I go for it? not like, ask him out, but should I try to progress things?


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  • I may be wrong, but the "do you wanna come over and watch a movie" is usually code for "do you want to come over and (insert sexual verb here)". If I were you I would definitely choose a public place where he wouldn't be tempted to "push the envelope" for your first date/hang out. New relationships are much easier to handle when you've gotten a chance to actually get know someone first.

    • Or go to his house if you know his family will be there or invite him to yours when your family is in the house

    • Yeah, I don't know his mom, but his dad is really religious. His mom sounds nice, too.

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