Girls, Is she into me?

Hi girls and guys, long story short, i'm talking with a girl with whom I shared a couple kisses in the past. The other day she got drunk and started texting me a bunch of things, we we're having fun. At some point in the convo she texted me the name of her ex by mistake... or cause she was too drunk whatever. I'd like to have your opinion about this and her feelings for me.

Happy new year and cheers!


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  • Sometimes when girls mention the name of their exes it's usually just a slip of the tongue. Were they together awhile? Maybe its something that’s still in the back of her mind, as is anyone you’ve spent a good amount of time with. Maybe something you said reminded him of her? I think it just accidentally happens sometimes. Honestly, one time, when she was drunk, shouldn't mean most things. It can be either outcome. If she is shy, possibly she likes you. If she is outgoing, etc, she probably is fond of you, but isn't looking for anything. Kinda need more details to tell.

    • She is a little shy but not extremely, like she has no problem to talk with new people. I was in school with her for a long time and during that time she was with her ex, now it's been maybe 1 year since she's not with her ex, we been seeing each other a couple times andwe talk on a daily basis. When we are together it's always like a best friend x love relationship, I don't know. Like we get along really well together and when we drink we kiss and touch, and etc. What you think about that?

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