What does a guy mean when he asks you to hang out?

Last night, he texted me "Happy New Year (my name here)" and I told him happy new year, and a few minuets later he said, " Do you want to hang out and catch up sometime? Cuz I haven't seen you in forever" I said sure and told him to let me know when he's free, and he said he'd get back to me.

He's shown signs of a crush on me before... but after three years, I figured he's just a flirty guy.

Is he asking me out, or does he just want to hang?
Okay... he just sent me a text. He wants to know if I want to get together for lunch tomorrow. Date or hang out?


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  • That depends on the guy. I've had guys ask to hang out with me when it was clear we were nothing more than friends.

    • Did they know that? How did it usually turn out?

    • We were just friends. However most of the time if a guy asks to meet you he is looking for more than friendship. These were people I had a very deep emotional connection with because of mutual religious beliefs.

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