My best guy friend kissed me what do I do?

My best guy friend, his best friend and I were camping out in my house for one last hang out before I move. The house was empty so we all slept on the floor. I was laying next to my best guy friend and his best friend was on the other side of him. Now my BGF (let's call him 'R') and I have always been close and are very physical in like a friend way. For example if we are sitting next to each other and we lean up against each other or intertwine legs, it never meant anything, thats just how we are. So that night, R said to me to come and cuddle like jokingly so I'm like ok sure so we cuddle as friends with zero weirdness. It becomes 4 am , his friend is asleep and him and I are still away laying next to each other , I'm on his shoulder and he has his arm laying on my waist. My eyes are closed and he props up and says "don't move" so I'm thinking he was just gonna pull a funny stunt or something but NO! He kissed me instead... it was a good 3 second kiss and then he quickly went and hid his face in his pillow. I on the other hand was in such shock during the kiss that I didn't even kiss him back. Part of me really wanted to and the other part was saying "you guys are friends" so now I feel bad that I didn't kiss back. I had dozed off and later found myself laying on his chest with my arm around him and his around mine. He pulled me in closer and rubbed my back as I fell back asleep. So I'm assuming he didn't mind that I didn't kiss back but I sure did. So the next day I had texted him asking what that was all about and he acted like nothing happened... so my question to you is, what did this mean? Was it a 'in the moment' kind of thing or does he actually like me? Why is he pretending this didn't happen? Is he in the same situation I am in? Do I just move on and pretend it never happened?


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  • He does indeed feel rejected, and is trying to get the event out of the world so that there is a chance that you might still remain friends

    • I didn't mean to reject him... I was just in shock. I froze, didn't know what to do. Is there any way to reverse this?

  • He probably liked you for a long time and he thought IT was now or never

  • He tried kissing you, you basically rejected him and then the next day you text that he answer for his actions. If you don’t understand how this is going to make him feel then you should really stay away from dating and boys entirely for a very long time until you can figure out the very basics. He’s hurting and probably feels like a giant fool. He put his chin out and you smacked it.

    • Well now I really feel bad. But you are probably right. Thanks for the input

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