What would be a cute New years text message?

I'd been seeing a girl from my university for about a month before Christmas break came and she went on vacation with her family. We've texted a bit since she's been gone but I'm almost always the one who initiates the conversation and I don't want to come off as clingy or desperate so even though I think about her a lot I try not to text her.

Today is New years and I wanted to send a nice text to let her know I've been thinking about her. I really like her and we've gotten pretty intimate too but I'm still not really sure how she feels about me so I don't want to say anything that's would seem creepy but I also want to be more interesting than just saying happy New Years. Any ideas?


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  • Happy New Year! I hope 2018 is as awesome as you 🥂 looking forward to making more memories with you this year xx

    • Thanks! I went with it. Now for the awful wait to see what she'll say lol

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    • I haven't texted her since new years and she hasn't texted me. She gets back today. How long do you think I should wait for her to contact me first before I call and ask her out if she doesn't? Before she left we did talk about going out again and date ideas so she will be expecting me to ask her out but I don't want to call her right away if that would make me look desperate.

    • Has she contacted you yet?

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