Meeting dates friends?

Is there a rule for who meets friends and when first?

Been dating 2 months. I am head over heels. Best NYE ever. I have a party for a girlfriend's bday. I'd like to invite my new guy to the party but we haven't met each other's friends yet. I don't want to scare him away though... is there a rule he should intro me to HIS friends first? Or is it a good idea to extend the invite? Or should I just go solo to the party?


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  • There is no rule for when you should introduce your B/F to your other friends.
    Do whatever you feel is right. Maybe not start with a birthday party. It is their day, maybe introduce him to a few friends out for coffee or something.

    • So you think its smart to go solo? We are 40 and have kids so a coffee won't happen in the next 3 weeks you know?

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