What is she up to?

I know this Indian girl. Let's call her G. We got to know each other just before grad school while doing applications and after 3 months i met her at school and we became good friends. We study together on homework. We use to help each other with stuff. I liked the attention she gives to me and she replies all my texts and never ignores. We used to talk about stuff outside studies such as movies and gossips. On some days we used to text until morning 3-4am on random stuff. She used to talk about her daily activities and i do the same. It's been 6 months we have met and now i have feelings for her. I also in some point felt that she might have feelings for me. I planned to ask her out after the semester exams. This month we are frequently texting through Whatsapp. She even asked my snapchat and we use to share snaps in a funny manner all the time. (Cooking snaps, selfies and foods)

These are few things that keep me out from asking her out
1. Once in a while (2-3 times in the last 8 months) she uses the 'bro' word. Like 'Welcome bro', ' Happy New Year Bro' while texting. Should i take this serious. Am i bro-zoned?
2. She screenshoted two of my selfie pictures i sent her via snapchat. What does that mean? Why a girl will do that?
3. She is 23 and i am 28. So will she think that i am too old for her?

Her actions are confusing. What is she up to? Please help



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  • Literally ask her.

    • Thanks for the Answer but as a girl can you tell me what you can assume. Thanks

    • We’re not all the same. I don’t know her. I can’t give good insight. Literally ask her.

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