His friend basically asked if we were dating?

So i know a guy, and one night I met him and his friends at a bar. The guy i know left and one his guy friend took me to the side (we were dancing so there was loud music) and asked me where the guy i know was.
I was like "i have no idea" and he basically asked if I and the guy (so his friend) had a thing.

I literally have no idea where he would have had that idea from. dont get me wrong the guy I know is attractive and if he came on to me i would definitly flirt back. The thing is i haven't gotten any signs that he is interested in me, or maybe a couple. but he is also a guy who is just very outgoing and friendly with most people.

Could he have had said anything about me since his friend asked if we had a thing?


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  • From that situation alone without any other context, it sounds like your friends friend (the one who asked you the question) thought you where sexy and wanted to make a move, but didn't want to piss his buddy off


What Girls Said 1

  • You're looking too far into this I think, guys are just like that trust me.


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