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The girl I had been dating with no longer texts me first. Also, when we text she seems annoyed. She does send really long texts that are in depth but very little emotion. She no longer uses emojis, will only text back when I text her, always ends the conversation first or doesn't reply after a while, responds immediately but progressively slower as the conversation goes on, rarely asks me questions anymore, and seems to be against everything I say to her. She seems mad at me like all the time and this is unusual because before we were texting all the time, had fun conversations, lots of emojis, good topics, would initiate conversation, and just talked a lot more. We became close very quick because of all of our similar interests. She told me she had been in an extremely long committed relationship and wanted me to be there for her until she was ready to date again. Should I ask her what is the problem? I want to see if we can make this work. How should I bring it up? I feel that I should ask her what the issue is.


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  • I'd assume that she's lost interest in you, but lacks the courage to outright tell you that she's no longer interested.

    Feel free to say, "Hey, I've noticed that you don't really seem interested in our conversations anymore, is something up?"

    But if she continues to show this lack of interest, I'd suggest moving on.

    • Thank you for the response. I am guessing it would be best to ask that in person but would it be acceptable to start that conversation via text?

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    • It has only been a couple of dates by the way but a friendship prior.

    • If text is your predominate form of communication, then its probably fine to talk to her about it in text, but if you see each other in person often, then I might wait until you hang out next. Either way, best of luck.

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  • Sometimes people slow down with regular communication because of stress or big change in their life. For example, if I'm studying for a big test, I don't text much if at all. Also, if someone is experiencing illness, depression, stress, problems with family members, family emergencies... etc. it may affect their behavior, which may affect how and how frequently they communicate.

    Look, just be direct with her and tell her about how you feel, be sincere, and explain to her that you'll be there for her and that you care about her. If she rejects you, move on. If she asks for time, give her some time/space. Just talk to her and work it out.

    • Thank you for the in-depth response. I plan to go talk to her tomorrow.

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  • ask her if there is anything you can do to make things easier. Text her one message everyday that you are there for her.


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