Ladies, why this girl won't talk to me?

I went to a friend's house where I met some people (happy new year). Well I saw this girl that I got interested in, so I went to talk to her, asking her questions about her interests in life. She seemed interested in me by giving me feedback and also questioning me. After a while (we kept drinking), she stays alone so I invite her to play a game with me and my friends. She then starts to come closer to me, giving me hugs and putting her head on my shoulder. Because of that I gave her, my number so that we could keep in touch. She never sent me a message. I don't know why... Did I do anything wrong? This always happens to me... Did she liked me only as a friend? Baaah I'm so confused and frustrated 😓


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  • When this happens are you always drinking? It could also be the fact that she maybe thought you expected too much or just honestly wanted a friendship. I feel that even if she didn't want a relationship with you and just wanted to be friends she would still talk to you.. She might not be interested at all. Maybe next time you get their number and send a message?


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