Are Hunters/Shooters/Outdoorsmen unattractive to women?

Just looking to see if a young (21 y/o) outdoorsmen kind of guy turns off women?


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  • Nope lol I love guns and I like to hunt


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  • i think most women are pretty turned off by hunters. killing animals is just not that attractive. being outdoorsy isn't bad at all though. just don't focus on the killing stuff part, that's not cool.

    • I feel that the whole "killing" is a misconception though... do you think maybe you or other women would take a second look at my lifestyle after they knew about the ethics and conservation that goes into the sport (tracking) and livelyhood (food) of hunting and harvesting an animal?

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    • I see your point. I only ask because i took up hunting and the outdoors as a way to explore the beauty of nature whilst still providing organic food for the family

    • well make it more about being self sufficient and being in tune with nature. maybe focusing a lot more on herbs and fruits or edible stuff in the woods. that can seriously impress a woman. the hunting part not so much. most women empathize with animals and don't want to have to do anything with the killing and stuff so it repels them. also be carefull not to give off a "doomsday prepper" or "apocalypse survival" type vibe XD that's just a thing men like. women don't like it.

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