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I have been studying a lot for my job and i find it easy for me to go to this reatauraunt after i leave the gym for a meal and some study time. There is a waitress who works there thats really cute I talk to her everytime she is in and I'm there. She's really cute and nice. I want to ask her for her # but i don't like asking girls when they are at work I also don't know if she is in a relationship or anything. I think she is attracted to me but maybe she is just being nice cause of her job. Eather way I want to get to know her what should I do?


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  • Just talk to her. Ask her about her life in a friendly way to find out if she's in a relationship or anything, and then just ask for her number if things keep going well. Try not to make things awkward, just ask say you found her cute and so wanted to know if she'd like to go on a date but if she doesn't then it's totally okay.

    • I know it's creepy but i couldn't find her on face book I thought it would take a lot of the work out of it. But yeah we have been talking a little more each time I see her. She is super buisy though usually so I try not to talk to much cause I know she's at work. I guess I need to just pull the trigger I've been having trouble with that I always think the worst like a dummy.

    • The worst thing that could happen is that she says no. It might be embarrassing at the time, but once it's done you'll most likely be glad you went for it whether she says yes or no.

  • Ask her if she can take a picture of your food because your ' photo album is full '. Mention that you go to the gym and like to keep track. Ask her to send you the photo through text. Bravo, you have her number.
    by the way, asking her straightforward for a number might be intimidating.


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