Help my ex boyfriend and new crush in a dating triangle😨?

me and my ex boyfriend are back together but there is a new guy i met online and he likes me but how do i tell him im not single in a nice way now i been chatting with the guy for 9 months since me and my ex boyfriend left me what should i do my crush is nice guy and im afraid of hurting his feelings do anybody know a lie i could tell him because i dont like to hurt people feelings i love people of all races and genders basically


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  • you fucked up, you already hurt peoples feelings. Don't talk to guys who are interested in romance with you when you are in a relationship, and if you get back into a relationship while talking to a crush, let the crush know immediately.


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  • Hahaha yeah that’s exactly what i was thinking too lol


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  • There are things called commas, periods, and capitals. Good God, I'm dizzy.


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