Help me decipher this New Years message?

I've been doing a long distance hookup with this guy I met traveling. We both like each other (intellectually & sexually compatible) but he's not ready for any long term relationship. He knows I'm starting to have more serious feelings & told me he's worried he can't give me what I want.

Fast forward 2 weeks. He sent me a New Years video message saying, "Happy New Year. I hope you get everything you want & more, & I hope you get to share some of that with me."

Uh... what? That made no sense, right? Am I thinking too much? Any help interpreting this would be great.


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  • Honest...
    Looks like he wants to keep an open sexual relationship with you only. The fact that he said, "Can't give you what you want." means he doesn't want to get emotionally attached to you, but wants to keep the "door open" for hookups down the road.
    Unfortunately, you want more and when you get messages like this, your mind goes in that direction of "maybe he wants more?". You may want to back up a bit to keep yourself safe.


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  • I don't think that he meant as much in that message as you may be taking from it.

  • He was drunk and missing you


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