Disappointed in the guy i'm dating.. move on and date someone else? help?

We were really serious and then he found out my family is religious and prefers that I date someone within my religion--they will support me regardless though (I am not sure if i should have told him this but it's too late now).
On account of this, he has pulled away the past two weeks and said he isn't sure if it will work (he said this to me explicitly) and now we are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend. He said he still cares for me but wants me to figure this out with my family before we move forward.. we still talk about every other day and check in.. but it's different now, we aren't close.

I like him so so so much but I feel incredibly disappointed that he has pulled back on account of this. Should I move on?--because I really don't like getting my hopes up, wanting him to tell me he wants to be with me.
Im super heartbroken ( dramatic but true :/)


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  • I'm sorry, but if he has puled back at the mere knowledge of that, without even finding way to get around it etc. Then its pretty evident that you were riding in a boat with hole in the footboard to begin with.

    • i appreciate the honesty--the situation is a little more intense than I described in that my church and family were pressuring me to break it off ---when I described to my family that I really care for him, they said they will support me. its an unfortunate situation and he feels a lot of pressure

    • Irrespective of the intensity, if there isn't stability in the base of a construction, then the building to be constructed over it is always going to be a risky place to be in since it is more likely to tumble over.

    • Thank you for the MHO 😊
      I hope things get better for you

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