How to keep love relationship alive?


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  • It's the small stuff... guys think of it all like a point system when it comes to keeping your girl happy. But the fact is we got the point system wrong.
    W think "If I get her a RING or some jewelry that should be like 150 points! That should hold her over for like 4 or 5 months."
    That big thing you got her,... FACE VALUE= 5 points.
    Getting her flowers,... oh! Guess what? 5 POINTS!
    Getting her a massage? Yup 5 points.
    Leaving her little love notes (costing nothing compared to the above) That's right! 5 freakin' points.

    Get the picture?
    It's the little things.
    A lot, ... I MEAN A LOT of little things,... all-the-time.


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