Are dinner dates overrated?

When it comes to dating going to restaurants as a date seems to me like one of the worst date ideas. And here is why i think so:

⚠ warning, unpopular opinion ⚠


+ it's fast
+ you don't have to wash the dishes afterwards


- as a man you can be abused for your money πŸ’΅ because of the low tier gold diggers, that can be either bought or will move on to find another dinner date sponsor. In my opinion the first few dates should not cost as much and it's more about getting to know the other person.
- the expectation of covering all expenses because penis
- in the end a tip may be expected.
- depending on the restaurant it can be really expensive and I'm coming from poverty backgrounds.

i prefer to cook at home rather than going to restaurants for meals instead and here are the pros and cons of cooking at home:


+ customizable meal. And I'm a very talented cook. It's Yummy! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ just recently i had a perfectly self-made spaghetti bolognaise 🍝😍
+ more food for less money
+ cooking as a skill can be used to impress the ladies. Or so i hope? At least i hope it impresses the ladies more than spending money on her at restaurants. It's just part of my financial ruling.
+ when the lady can cook too, then it can become really fun and a bonding experience πŸ³πŸ’ž
+ i often remain with leftover prepared meal as a supply, so i can come back the next time when I'm hungry and eat. For today i can eat some more of my spaghetti from yesterday 😍


- cooking can take much longer in time than going to restaurants to eat. Sometimes i spend up to 2 hours cooking but the rewards are all worth it.
- the dishes! They must be washed every time.
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  • Personally, I would find it a lot more meaningful to have a home-cooked meal instead of eating at a restaurant.


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  • Cooking at home dates are a thing. But NOT for the first date, I'd say.

    I ruled a cooking first date out from the start. Never happened to me. Read on for the drinking first date.

    No woman in her own mind will come to a stranger's home for a FIRST date.

    I'd recommend walks in the park and something fostering a talking spark - to rhyme.

    Sporting events (maybe basketball) are more talking-oriented while cultural (going to a museum) are not. On the same level, you'd want to find out more about your date and being in a familiar place (everybody eats out and meets out for umm... eating?) compared to a stranger's place (your dining room).

    I would say that a FIRST date in your dining room is a no-no, because:
    1. If I'd be a girl, I wouldn't come. It would seem to me (as a girl) that I would appear naive or down to fuck.
    2. She would feel hindered in conversation.
    But the advantages would be:
    1. If she comes, she's open minded (or naive).
    2. If she comes, you have a clear sign that she wants you, not your wallet.
    3. Best food.
    4. Less money spent.

    But for any other date than the first, it's a go-go.

    I didn't spend too much money on dating my whole life. I ask them out and I test their interest in me taking then for a walk and talk in the park. If after 30-60 minutes of talking she's mentally sane, we grab some drinks to go and keep talking. At the end, she gets a well-deserved kiss.

    On the other hand, if she steers me to a restaurant, I go, but she's low.

    I came across some nasty gold diggers as of late and I remembered I had a university friend that was working so hard he didn't had time for a relationship. He used to go to hookers to relieve the pressure.
    I never understood him at the time until I started walking in his shoes recently.

    Also, for about one year, I pay a subscription for a "dating" site. I met a virgin girl there and I made her my girlfriend. But because as of late, nothing "happened" on the site, I changed my icebreakers to "hey, how much for a blowjob?" and I started seeing some numbers again.

    What I'm trying to say is that:
    1. If you plan on finding a significant other, there are better, faster and cheaper ways to test her.
    2. If you're only in need of pussy, I use a different approach: I tell her (usually online) "let's get some shots" and if she agrees, I step it up "I have a vodka bottle and a nice set of glasses at home; join me". It works even better and cheaper than "how much for a blowjob?".


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  • Personally I think that for a first date I would rather not go to a restaurant (for like all the reasons you said) I think going to a movie is the perfect first date just because you have something to do, it’s not awkward, and you have something to talk about after.


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