Does Popularity (With Dating) Matter for High School/College Guys?

I don't exactly know what my social standing is. I get good grades but I don't think I'm a nerd. That being said, I have nerd friends. BUT, I also have some fairly popular friends. For the most part I get along with most people because I avoid conflict. Still though, I'm not popular and I don't know what I'm considered. Would a guy in college/high school date a girl no matter her social standing or does it matter?
  • Um, yes popularity matters (Sorry to break it to you sweetie)
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  • Nah, it's the girl that matters
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  • I don't even care about people who judge others by popularity. The overwhelming theme of humanity is stupidity, superficiality, drama, & gossip of a very frivolous varety. I used to actually look to what people make popular for how to discern what to disregard & ignore in life, but nowadays i've moderated and have less of a knee jerk reaction against shit like that. However, I don't even respect people who need the people in their life to be popular in their school or work life. I shoot the shit with anyone, from homeless people to teachers to the flashy people at the club, etc. A girl just has to be nice, reasonably intelligent, & have an easy on the eyes face/fat on the face ass to be with me. I'm not too pre-occupied with it.


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  • Guys don't care about that at all, that kinda status thing seems to only really matter to girls when it comes to attraction

  • In highschool, yeah more than it should. College seems to be when everything seems more serious. Probably cause it's optional so you don't have a time limit.


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