Which mean more emoticons over emojis?

girls specifically, What would cause you to use an emoticon ":)" instead of an emoji? Does the emoticon convey less interest if the person usually only uses emojis?


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  • β€œ:)” and 😊 have completely different feelings. The latter seems almost pleasured whereas the former is just a smiley.

    • what would send a guy you like?

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    • Wow it must be eating at you if you’re still analyzing something from Christmas

      It sounds genuine

    • its genuine, but I don't know if she's trying to give me a hint thats she's not into me like that. By conveying less emotion

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  • A few years ago, I used to use ':)' when I was being sarcastic and/or in abit of a mood! That's just me, I think most people might use it because they can't be bothered to find the emoji? I don't know

    • i figured maybe she didn't want to gove the wrong impression that she likes me but im not sure

    • Give it some more time, or ask her!

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  • Huh, never knew there was a difference


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