Umfriendzoned from being called a bro?

This girl I really like is 2 years younger than me.
So she calls me bhaiya (bro :Indian version of friendzone) and this one day we were talking and she mentions that "I'm not your sister, I m your friend" and since then she hasn't called me bhaiya.

Now I ask you what does she want.


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  • I think you should be up front with her, if you like thngs to go somewhere else than friends. It could be a hint, but its not enough to engage. Does she flirt at you? Do you flirt with her? Does she like you flirting with her? How long hasn't she called you a bro?

    • We don't get along much

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    • No I totally didn't flirt with her, as she used to call me bhaiya

    • But there is definitely an electricity between us

  • She want the D

    • Well she also shades some things like how she likes me.
      Basically compliments me

    • ===✊==>💦💦

    • But she don't reply me sometimes on WhatsApp

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