How do I stay away from sex and love?

So i'm travelling soon to the US to study university there and right now i'm just focusing on myself, my studies, and my future, And the last thing i want is to fall in love or get seduced by a thirsty girl, so considering that i'm a good looking and very emotional guy, how do i keep myself from love and/or sex? I haven't had much contact with girls before, i mean yeah i have exes but i've been in a boys only school my whole life and i'm not around girls most of the time, advice?


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  • when you're in uni you won't have time to focus on girls xD trust me haha I've been so stressed from all the work that I just focus on that. IM lucky my partner works full time so he doesn't distract me. I met him during my diploma course though (Not as stressful as a degree)

    • But i heard people in uni are all horny and they do whatever they want cuz they're away from their parents >.> especially in the US lol

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    • noone is gonna force you into sex xD just focus on studies haha

    • I heard storys about female rapists from my friends there and i'm paranoid xD
      But yeah i guess ur right :3 as long as i don't stray or be a douche i'll be good x) thank you!

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  • You are going to a university not a rape prison.

    • I know but i'm paranoid, i don't trust myself haha

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  • Find a ho and release the fury

  • Good luck


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