Many people seem to say they need to sleep with someone before they would consider marrying them. Can sexual experience be deal breaker?

If you had an fantastic relationship, but hadn’t been intimate, would you need to have sex before you were certain you were compatible? What would (or has made) someone otherwise a good match not work out?
  • yes, need to be intimate to know - absolutely essentail
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  • Yes, important to have sex before commitment but not esstential
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  • Meh, like sex... what was question?
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  • No, i don’t have to have sex before commitment, but would
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  • No sex before commitment. Period.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Marriage is forever (or should be), right?
    Sex is a part of your relationship, marriage being a relationship, it is essential for a happy marriage to have good sex (or i think so). Then you have to know, befire commitment what you're getting into.
    On the other hand though, "good sex" is relative, it can be learned as well. With time, i mean, you learn more about your partner's sexual desires, what turns him/her on etc...
    I'd say then, that sex is essential in a long term relationship but you don't necessarily need to have sex before marriage.


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What Girls Said 3

  • Not necessarily sexual experience but rather sexual compatability.

  • I'm not going to marry but if I were I would never get married without knowing we were sexually compatible. It's too big of an issue to just not know

  • No sex before commitment


What Guys Said 1

  • No no no no


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