Can't figure out if she is into me or she is just really nice?

So we have been on two dates already. She had lots of eye contact and really listened to what I had to say and smiled at just about every lame thing I said. However I am shy, and reserved when it comes to the physical side of things, but talkative. So I may confuse girls because I am stand offish. I didn't kiss her on the second date but I didn't see a good opportunity. I usally always keep text to a 1-1 scale and lately she has been taking forever to respond, like a day. But yet she always replies. Told her to feel free to add me on Facebook, which she eventually got back to me on and told me I must be on private, which I am. Replied back telling her I was private and some other stuff. So with out telling her in the message I made my facebook public to test her, she ended up sending me a request, still never replied to the text however. I like this girl, we have lots in common and I can see a future with her. But not sure how she sees me.


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  • She sees you as needy and probably is thinking of a way to dump you. Don't look for oppurtunities just make the oppurtunities yourself. You might come of as boring. If she is trying to get rid of you with a dumb reason like "You're too nice" or "I'm not ready yet" just know that i was right all the time

    • If she takes a day to respond double that and take 2 days to respond. These are some basic things in creating attraction

    • I never over texted her. I would never send out more than 1 text and wait for her to reply. Thing is she always does. I've played this game before and is my test. Normally girls ghost and never respond back, she actually does.

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