Why haven't he send me anything?

So I have been dating a boy for 1
month. We have been on one date. It did go very vell. He told me that he wants to go on a second date and we talked for days. Then I went to vacation and he did send me messages.

One night he told me that he finds me very attractive in many ways not just in a sexual way.
I told him that I was too.
but after that night he have not send me anything.

I did send him a snapchat yesterday but he just opend it.

It have been 5 days since he sent me a message.

Do you think I should give up?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Maybe he is embarassed of something he did wrong that night.. Or he Just used you and left you

  • U can... But if u feeling cheated or trashed

    • Might be possible he don't have interested in you anymore. Just leave him and take step ahead from that time. Time heals everything

What Girls Said 1

  • Did you call him and ask him why he hasn't messaged you back? And you shouldn't give up yet.

    • No I have not called him. I am afraid of that he will say something that will make me sad..

    • You should call him and see whats up with him. And figure out what happened that he hasn't called you.

    • I hope everything goes well with. You and him and you should check up on him to see how he is doing. Alright

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