Why does he no longer initiate conversations?

Met this guy our conversations were fire! And he always texted me everyday and throughout the day.. one day he just stopped contacting me when I brought it up he said he is going through stuff atm but doesn't want to lose me completely. I decided maybe i should keep him as a friend but I've noticed since then I initiate 99% of the conversations which honestly makes me feel like I'm bothering him if it is because he has no interest in me why is that when I do go quiet he will randomly pop up and compliment me, how I look or how pretty I am but after the compliment won't try to hold a conversation he is sending me mixed messages help! Does he like me if so why does not initiate conversations anymore its sending me mixed messages?


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  • Well I have had exactly the same situation with my ex girlfriend. The best way is asking him whats going on or is something bad happend because you feel like you bothering him. He should explain you everything. But you should get ready for em... words you wouldn't like.


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  • I’m in the same boat, ask him flat out what’s going on!


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