Should I keep texting her?

So, you all know this story, just as usual, new years eve party, i got ended up kissing with a girl i've been liking for months. Got a very good night with her, but on the other day, she wasn't even looking at me, she was talking to others etc., I tried to text her or call her when she was alone but she keeps ignoring me and it freaks me out. I do need her and i wanna be with her even more, but i just dont wanna text her while she dont make a sign of interest in me, so just dont wanna disturb her or i dont know, what do you think, should i try to get along with her and wait for a message or just let her go cause she dont want me anymore?


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  • if she's ignoring you it means she's not interested
    she probably just used you at new years eve for some fun
    sorry bout that
    you shouldn't text/call anymore


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