How do I finally get a girlfriend?

Literally every time I think I have a shot with a girl, one of these things happen-
-She flat out rejects me
-I fall into the friend zone
-She chooses another guy over me

I seemingly can't get a girlfriend, I don't tell anyone about this because I don't want to tell them about how unattractive I feel because of the fact that I always get rejected by girls who I pursue romantically. I don't believe in myself in dating. When I look and see girls on social media with their boyfriends, I notice that those guys are not like me. They seem more outgoing and better looking than I do. I just suck at dating. I am pretty awkward around most girls even though I really want a girlfriend.


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  • Act like you don't care until they decide they want something romantically or physically. Hold all that gooey stuff in until they make it clear it's what they want. Being desperate is annoying, and often times manipulative. Love yourself before anyone else and let someone fall in love with that!!!

    • I've hit rock bottom in dating. I have female friends but never can get a girlfriend

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    • Taking a page out of my dad's book to tell you "Don't be such a pussy" because most girls are looking for men who have the will to exist alone and be self sufficient, and you should definitely make your presence known in their life but don't hold any kind of expectation to communication outside of a relationship because everyone has their own life.

    • I'm doing fine, bout to graduate high school, go to college in the fall. It just dating I never win at.

  • Girl play games

  • Same bro, good luck...


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