Should I try talking to her again?

There was a girl i would see around school last year. I wanted to talk to her, but i had no balls and didn't actually know how to talk to a girl im crushing on back then

So all that i would do is look at her in the hallways and stuff. I think she caught on cause she started reversing it, being the one who would stare at me and all that.
Anyway, I asked her out one day. It came out of nowhere, and I was pretty alward about it. We had never even talked before. She told me she has a boyfriend (i found out later this was a lie) and thats how we left off.

The weird thing was, after I asked her, I would still see her staring at me all the time.

Fast forward to this year
I moved on and liked someone else for a while, but it isn't going to work out with her. I think enough time has passed to give it another shot with this girl.

Weve talked once or twice in a group setting this year, and everything jas been normal between us. Every now and then I still see her sneaking a look at me or something.

Im a good looking, popular senior guy.
she's a beautiful, popular sophmore girl.

I was going to just approach her one day, make some joke about how she probably thought i was crazy, tell her she's beautiful and I want to "start over" and get to know her. Hopefully get her number or Snapchat

So is it worth a shot to approach her again and how should i go about it?


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  • Yeah go ahead... Start with normal convos... Be kinda funny.. M sure u guys will hit off

  • Ok I am not going to start any bullshit but are you actually a senior because it says you're 23...


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