Should I stay in touch with a girl who might have a boyfriend?

Hello guys, there is this sweet girl that I kind of know. The first time I met her was at work in May 2017. Every time I worked with her, she flirts by looking at me and asking me questions about work that she already knows the answer to. I took all of that as signs of interested. So, I added her on social media (snapchat, vsco, instagram, facebook), and then she added me back right away. Almost every time I posted a story on snapchat, she's the first one to view it and viewed it right away. I am sure that means she is interested in my life right? I waited about week, and then I started flirting with her little bit on snapchat. She does respond pretty fast. Eventually, I asked her out, and then she replied, "I can't, I have a boyfriend." She still continues to talk to me and view my snapchat stories. lol. All I see on her social media profiles are pictures of her looking single... family and friends. There are only two recent pictures on vsco of her being next to a guy and that's it. She rarely updates her profiles too. She is 18 and goes to an out of state college and I am 22 working full time. We are still young and I do not think she is getting married any time soon lol. Maybe she is not ready to date me yet and want to be friends for now? I will definitely wait for her if she waits for me. I do believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone in their search for love!
Should I stay in touch with a girl who might have a boyfriend?
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