Still attracted to other women even tho you're in a relationship?

For some reason in all of my relationships, after the initial honeymoon period as some call it, I'll start looking at other women again and fantasize and so on. Now I've never cheated nor have I put myself in to situation where I could but I don't know why I have these feelings, why in every relationship this happens. This has also affected our love life, like I don't have any sex drive anymore and it bothers me that I can't just want to be with the one I love
  • Fantasizing other women/men/________(fill in the blank) while still in a relationship?
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  • I think its because you about those hormonal things - my pastor used to say you shouldn't get married to control sexual urges cause if you can't control them before you are in a relationship you won't be able to control them after you are in one.


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  • I'm finding it difficult to settle down now. In my first relationship I had one-itis and no other girl mattered except her. That never worked out, I was hurting and since then I started hitting clubs, approaching women and using Tinder. Now even if I'm seeing a girl, I still feel the urge to go to clubs or go on Tinder because they've become like a video game to me.


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  • I think it is completely normal to look at other people and maybe even think 'what if...' from time to time, however if it is getting in the way of you being able to live you life and is destroying relationships then I feel that you need to bring this up to your significant other, since clearly something isn't right... Either you don't go together well, something in the dynamics isn't working or you are simply too emotionally immature to be in a long term relationship with anyone...

  • It’s normal man I did too


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