Don't understand why girls do this?

When talking to this girl for a while, I realized she never wanted to really move forward with our relationship. She kept saying how she saw how others around her got hurt, so she didn't want to rush into anything. We have talk every so often, but I based on her asking me to be patient with her, and some phone calls we had (it sounded like while talking to me there would be times it sounded like she was kissing somebody, or with some other guy). I feel like she is just stringing me along. This is with the fact that she never wants to say what she is looking to happen between us. I do like her, but just tired of being strung along when I know she doesn't want a relationship. On the other hand I am looking for a relationship. Recently, I haven't really spoken to her, and when she does text me I just keep it brief. My only thing I know she is going to eventually ask me what happened. The reason I way say that is because we live down the road from each other. I just know she is going to tell me what I want to hear, because she knows how much I really like her (especially since I have told her on several occasions how I felt, and where I wanted to happen between us). Just looking for advice, I just hope I am not making a mistake by pulling away from her.
Don't understand why girls do this?
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