Guys, Help!! My crush may be taking things to the next level, what do I do?

So we’ve been texting off and on all day every day for a few weeks now. Occasionally we would be subtly flirtatious, but neither of us have brought up the subject of “like” or “date”. We are very similar and have lots of common interests. Both of us are Christians (not that you can’t answer if you’re not, just putting it out there because it shows the moral aspect). Anyway yesterday we both admitted to enjoying talking with one another, and have learned a lot about each other’s habits and general likes or dislikes. Today he sent me (for the first time) a shirtless selfie and an inside joke immediately after. I didn’t say anything indicating like or dislike of the picture (which was actually very attractive), instead laughed it off with him. I will mention we are different races, I’m white and he’s African American. We’re comfortable talking about race, which is why I mentioned it. It’s just I’m not sure our families would approve is all, I’m not against being with him the least. I really like him a lot. What do you think? Is he wanting to go out with me or am I just a friend to him?


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  • Hands down he wants to go out with you. If you like this guy give it a shot. If you are worried about your families approval, remind them of verses from the Bible if necessary to help ease the tension. Even if they aren't happy at first, things will get better with time. Go for it and stick to your morals :)


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