Why is he always trying to start a fight?

There’s a guy I’m romantically involved with, and everytime things seem to go right, he always starts a fight and tries to pick up one with me. He tells me it’s because of me and I’m the one starting it, and tells me he’s upset with me. Two days ago he calls me and tell me he loves me, and that I’m the most amazing person, a couple of days after he starts poking fun at me, then stars saying the reason he’s joking with me is because he’s upset with me. Why is he doing this?


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  • He's clearly suffering from at least a social personality disorder, he craves conflict that's why when things are going good he wants to ruin it. You should ditch this guy, these things tend to get worse not better.


What Girls Said 1

  • There should be a reason he's upset with you? Do you know why?

    • He says I don’t open up, but I have. He says that he’s been trying to convince me that he wants me for for months, but I have showed him I was interested. I don’t understand why he always picks up fights.

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