How does it feel to love someone?

I'm still young, and haven't experienced that feeling of romantic love that I want so bad, but I'm patient for. So, how does it feel?


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  • It's hard to describe the exact feelings but when you love someone you would do anything for them. You will end up caring about their wellbeing. If something happens to them, it'll concern you right away. There will be days where you can't stop thinking about them. When you are truly in love, you start memorizing every thing about them from how they smell to the littlest things that annoy them. When you think of your future, you include them in it. You can't imagine a world without them because to you it is not an option. When they are gone for days, weeks or months you yearn for their touch and their presence and their voice.

    Thats how I feel about my significant other.

    • Nice reply thanks for answering☺

    • Whoever has this girl is lucky... because while she said “it’s hard to describe the wax act feeling” she nailed it.

      Great description yeah :)

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  • That's hard to describe. And what people consider love changes over time

    When one is younger or more immature love is like. Losing yourself in another person. Everything you see yourself as is framed around them. Every day is brighter just because of them. Everything a little easier. Or it would be if you could focus on anything but the person you love.

    As one matures, the losing yourself decreases and love becomes more about trust. You trust them to care about and be there for you as you are for them (because it makes you happy). You want the best for them, whatever they decide that is. You want them to be happy because them being happy makes you happy.


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  • It provides a warm feeling inside of you


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