Guy im with used to be fwbs one bff of mine that ended long before he knew me, she showed me his one-sided desperate bootytxts, im turned off by him?

I figured out or assumed they had hooked up before our first date and casually brought her name into conversation which was easy since she is a good friend and we used to live together, he immediately told me they used to hook up so there were no secrets and I asked her what the deal was like if they dated which they hadn't, they were friends who used to fuck but that was over a year before he met me or I lived with her/was so close with her. She is gorgeous so that made me insecure at first and one night two weeks later when I went out with her and a group, he came to meet me which I sort of deviously planned just so I could see how they interacted in person, and if his attention was on her or me. Sounds immature but I wanted to immediately get rid of that insecurity and be sure that I wouldn't feel weird, I know I shouldn't but I am very cautious about relationships so I had to test it. I decided I didn't care and its been a few months of an insane relationship.

I was talking with her about it and brought up them again just in conversation of how she knows his personality to be vs. what I've experienced since they were fwbs. She ended up showing me their messages which ended a while ago but were one-sided as in she wouldn't respond to him and he'd hit her up a few weeks or months later trying to hookup and overall there were 5 from him spanning over a long period. I know many guys do this to a point (trust me its annoying and we hate it) and I am not jealous or anything like that BUT I am a bit turned off by how desperate he seemed. he's a very attractive guy and has slept with many girls, so this sort of ruined that cool guy demeanor in an unattractive way. I mean how many messages unanswered until a guy gets the hint, especially with an friends with benefits.

I will never bring this up to him and I know its immature but I see him differently somehow. I am not like 100% turned off by him but its embarrassing on his part.



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  • Lmao stop sabotaging the relationship, you like the guy, he treats you properly, you're attracted to him, he didn't try to hide anything from you. He didn't seem desperate when he texted you right? So forget that they smashed and forget whatever he said to her. He's your man don't break him down.


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