I am confused. What the f*ck should I do?

So according to whoever answered my first question, someone who might or might not be my crush likes me (yeah ummm... I have never had a crush before so...)? But I don't know if I really have a crush on him or not. I personally don't think that I'm ready to date him yet but I would like to get closer to him and become friends with him first. My head is literally exploding because I am so confused.

So here are reasons why this boy in my class might like me:
He usually teases me when we talk
He smiles when we talk
He downloaded a game after I said that I play it.

The first two I am not sure if he teases everyone or just some or just me and he does also smile a lot and make jokes with his friends. The last one does make me think that he might like me and wants to get to know me better.

So ummmm... can you guys here on GaG help me to not be so confused?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Go with the flow and enjoy him talking to you. I think if he likes you and get to know you more that he will ask you for your phone number and he might eventually ask you out if he is interested.


What Girls Said 1

  • Men are the weirdest at this age and also sweetest. Don't think too hard, but just be careful and observant, this is the most critical developmental stage in your lives.


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