I like this guy who happens to be a celebrity?

I met him on Instagram n we had a thing ten years ago. I told him I am working out in the same gym as him. He hasn't shown up in 10 days. He has a kid now. Why is he not coming?


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  • Might be tensed or must be genuinely busy.
    Wait for a konth if he doesn't then laugh loudly that he was afraid and hence didn't come.

    • He is hanging out with his wife n kids. Do u think he still likes me?

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    • He is working out at another gym

    • Just forget about him. 10 years is a long time. He is happily married and isn't bother.
      Unknowingly you will spoil a marriage dont do that.
      Find someone else

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  • Dragons came and he jumped onto its back, shirtless to fly to a far off land. The land has a magic mango tree that he wanted to pick, to take home for his child’s breakfast but then he got kidnapped by whales and taken to their underwater kingdom which is why he hasn’t been at the gym for 10 days


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  • Any number of reasons. You said he's a celebrity of somekind. Maybe he's just busy with work

  • Busy


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