My boyfriend broke up with me because he felt he couldn’t make me happy?

He told me “go find that happiness. The man that will be everything you want. I’m sorry i couldn’t be him for you”

The thing is, i only want my boyfriend. But, i am so inexperienced, and so naive. I’ve realized i just place high expectations on him

I feel so badly for doing it. But, i hurt him in the process. I truly want him back. But, i feel he has no room to forgive me now. We broke up on Monday :/


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  • Im sorry that happened don't blame yourself just fix where you messed up at see if he will take you back and apologize explaining what you didn't mean to do and what you're going to change

    • We broke up during an argument, where i brought up how i felt her by a situation. He said “it is not true. I did not treat you that way”. I tried to explain my insecurities to him. And, on the end - he ended it. It was in the heat of the moment, probably too much arguing him in the relationship.

      I want to give him a few days, and ask “is a break up truly what you wish for?”

      I love him dearly, i want to do right by him. But, he began to dislike me because I’d always complain about something.

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    • Yeah. I understand his reasons for ending it. I was not as kind as i could have been, nor as understanding. I am trying to respect his decision, but i would like another chance to fix it. To prove to him i can make him happy and treat him kindly. Sometimes it takes losing what we had to realize the worth of it. He wasn’t perfect either. And at a point, we were both fighting so much and causing a lot of emotional pain to each other. I said some hurtful things when i got into a drunken argument with him because i was hurt about something. He thinks that is how i truly view him - it is not. Maybe in time he can forgive me and come back. For now, i will work on myself and hopefully give him a good relationship.

      But yes, if love is real maybe it can work. But, my boyfriend likes to work with logic. So, he may not believe it’s wise to come back.

    • If thats the case then its time to move on no love is there

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  • There are three secrets, BIG SECRETS, to keeping your boy happy, true and forever kneeling prostrate at your feet.
    Yes, I said it!
    It's all contained in 8 short words.
    These eight words will change your relationship with him forever.
    Every minute he is away from you will seem like an eternity to him.
    He will loose concentration at work thinking about you and will dream of you night and day.
    He will want to name streets after you and erect your statue in the middle of Times Square in New York!
    The florist will run out of flowers for you and you will blush in front of the multitude of others as a result of all the praise he will constantly lavish upon you.
    You don't believe me do you?
    You are wondering what magic potion I am going to tell you how to mix, or what spell I have in mind for you to put upon him, aren't you?
    And to some extent, it is a spell.
    Have you began to imagine what impossible scenario I may have concocted that is far beyond your reach and ability to carry out yet?
    You have, haven't you?
    Well, I won't keep you guessing much longer.
    As follows are just three... yes, I said ONLY THREE things he will ever need from you to keep him spell bound for all time.
    All three things are contained in these eight simple words.
    Are you ready?
    Here they are...
    3) NO NAGGING - EVER!!!
    Do you know how impossible these 3 things are for most girls today?
    Are they impossible for you?
    Fail to come through on any one of these at your own peril!
    SUCCEED on each and every one and you will live a life of pampering and pleasures beyond your wildest dreams in a permanent relationship with him worshiping you at your feet forever!
    TODAY is the day of reckoning... yes, the next move is yours.
    Two simple choices.
    The one you choice will be your final one either way, and here they are...
    1) Heed the opportunity you have been given, or
    2) Ignore the voice of truth, reason and wisdom.
    In reality, and sadly, most girls choose number 2.
    Will you?
    Your choice.
    How do I know all this at such a young age...
    I have a very wise mother... and a daddy that worships at her feet!
    My most sincere Best Wishes for you... Really!


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  • You'll get over it. I don't know the tone of your conversation, but it reads a lot like the old "it's not you, it me" breakup line.

    I say work through your feelings of this breakup and keep living your life. You'll find someone that makes you happy, perhaps happier than you were before.

  • Talking to each other can solve many problems try to talk to him once

    • He broke up with me :/

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    • I don’t feel he wants to be :/ he wouldn’t have left. He would have tried to make it work?

    • Send me his number I'll talk to him and make him understand your feelings for him.

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