Why would guy find another girl right after me hinting I wasn't interested?

At first read this:
He had a huge crush on me and chased me. Asked me to meet him, hugged me, put his head in my lap, opened up with me. Told his friends about me and said I was the best thingg that happened to him.
Then I told him I didn't want to rush into the relationship and It would make me feel scared him being so pushing. He said he wouodn't rush me into anything he just wanted to take care of me but them he stopped contacting me and got into relationship with a girl, has a huge crush on her, takes pics with her and chases her. He's only known her for 3 days.

We often meet each other and he acts awkward with me and I act bitchy because he left me for another girl. But today he was drink and Asked me to take a psychological test to him and sat close to me and we took this test but he wasn't intereated in results. Then why he would ask me to make this test to him?
We still met today. They are already official and he sweet talks with her, but he teases me all the time, calls me nicknames, wants to sit close by me and calls me cute nicknames and touches my hair, hugs me sometimes and checks out my body. I caught him looking at my ass and then my eyes. So?


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  • He was in a hurry to make a girlfriend connection
    you were not
    she was
    he prefers you to her
    hoping that being near (the test... and other ploys to come) you will change your mind
    then he can trade her in on you as girlfriend

    • He bought her very expensive gift and also made her meet his friends and mom. His friends are making fun of her bcause she's very stupid girl. And he gets angry. While I am the type of girl everyone respects and has high thoughts of.
      I doubt he likes me anymore:/ But this test thing made me confused, do you think he just wanted to spend time with me? He also teased me while taking this test and. Sat close to me, saying he couldn't hear my words if he sat a little bit further

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    • I am not experienced in it and I refuse to give anything to hom unless I am in a relationship. He adored the fact that I am virgin he said he respected me more.

    • Update:
      he will trade horses if you give him more to hope for
      but then you are not reading/believing my opinons, obviously with this update & still questioning
      waste of time

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  • Because people are allowed to have multiple crushes. They are also allowed to move on if the other person rejects them

    • I didn't reject him. All I did is asking him to give me some space and time

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  • first of all when he was crazy for you, you wouldn't have said this to him. now he has diverted his intrest or may be he is trying to make u jealous
    now if u want him back ask him so he will like it.

    • I was scared of quick changes and he was pushing me into relationship and It was too quick because I have never been in a relationship and I am scared of it unless I trust a person a lot

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    • I know... I am just scared of relationships because very bad childhood experiences but It doesn't mean that I don't want relationships. I just need to warm up and he didn't gave me time for this. How do you think does he still like me according to what I wrote above and i. Other opinions?

    • if he really liked you so much then yeah he still can, but don't chase him. you can meet him up, hangout sometimes. tell him about the problems u had or having these days. open youself emotionally in front of him he'll definitly appretiate that.

  • Sounds like he just wants someone to love him. Whoever accepts him first. Or high chance he's just a player. Doesn't sound right for you. RUN

  • He knows it's no use wasting his time?

    • Did you ficking read the description? I asked everyone to read it and you obviously didn't

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    • Also, why did he need this TEST thing? Even though he's with her now.

    • Being better than or winning against this girl isn't the point. The point is that you want to be with him. The reason I asked if you would have felt pressured is because you shouldn't go into a relationship feeling like you are. Sets a bad precedent and can make you feel trapped and resentful.

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