Do you find it possible to want to have a relationship with a girl of my age range?

!Ok well I am 19 I am seeing a 28 year old! He will be 29 five days before my 20th birthday! so anyways my question being do you find it possible to want to have a relationship with a girl of my age range? or would you ever date a 19 almost 20 year old, its like 9 years difference? Is this bad? hmm I don't know just want to know if my guy is gonna ever want a LTR with me.. Thank you :)

  • Yes age does not matter!
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  • No, a 19 year old would be way out of my age range, too hard to find a common ground!
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  • Yes, If I felt right about it and we had a lot in common. why not?
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  • No never!
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  • Deffinately not! what kinda perv is this dude (lol he's not a perv but he is really sweet and good to me!)
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also answer the poll! :) Thanks and I meant to put that exclamation after the OK! ha ha :)
Also girls... have you had success with a guy about 9 years older than you?
Do older guys think of young girls just for sex?


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  • what is LTR?

    I happen to be an expert in this arena as I've dated many girls 9+ years my junior. Being the elder one it ALWAYS has worked against me. They're either not grown enough, or they're not grown enough, or they're not grown enough. lol One time I got dumped because she turned lesbian (good for the ego), another time I got dumped because she felt like she didn't get a chance to experience her youth, another time one left me for the Army, etc. If I can give one peice of advice: make sure it's something you really want because in my cases things were going great while I was hesitant to give my heart away. It seems like as soon as I turn that corner and feel secure enough to open up and do that they do an about face and just crush me. It's a tough deal. I also see hope for something really fruitful there. Older guys need younger women to keep there energy, to remind them of the fun loving men they used to be, give them the opportunity to care for and nurture a younger beautiful woman. All and all, I think you have a chance for something great. Just be smart about it. Good luck!

    • Awe your so sweet! TY! I have always been into older guys since I was like 16.. I have dated a guy one year older than me and it only lasted a week! He was so stupid, like everything he said was a lie and he lived with mommy, and it was just bad! lol I live on my own he should too lol! but I have lived on my own since I was barely 17. We both have daughters, we love the same music, he gives me what I want and were both happy. I just don't know if older guys think of younger girls 4 just sex?!?

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    • For me it wasn't, in the cases I was serious with but I'd be liar if I said there weren't times I wasn't in it just for sex, but that also goes for any woman of any age to be honest. Guys can be pigs, and we are pigs, just as women can be bitches and are bitches. :) You just have to find out where you are and not be blinded by what you hope and want to be and ignore what truly is. Just be careful.

    • Ok well I added you! ha ha IM A BITCH! ha only sometimes... :) ha! They usually say that if a guy cares about you he will call you or text you first? I don't know about that! but I was thinking about ignoring him and making him think what happened to me.. see if he would relize lol I don't know what to think about this guy anymore, he is really sweet an all but he has the bad boy look with a good boy outlook, He is going to a police academy and divorced a year ago from a 6 or 7 year relationship.. I don't know thanx

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